Hi, I am Leo.

I used to ask a lot of questions as a child, and the answer my parents gave me would often lead to more questions. Be it a silly question like “Why I need to breathe?” or question like “How tall is the sky?”, my craving for knowledge just wouldn’t stop me from being an annoying kid. It is not hard to imagine my favorite TV show was “How it’s made” from the Discovery Channel. I was an inquisitive person, and I still am.

It was clear that my curiosity would take me to the wonder of science. Without thinking much on my career path, I allowed myself to immerse in the study of Physics. I particularly enjoyed the challenges and satisfaction to understand the world around me, and I soon earned my BSc in Physics. And if Physics has taught me anything, it’s to ask the big question and think the small problem. Although it wasn’t obvious Physics would lead me to my current career, I learned the most important skill from it - How to learn.

Now, I shifted my focus to Machine Learning. I am fascinated by the power of machine learning models. I am captivated by the beauty and direct thinking in the mathematics behind these algorithms. That’s why I teach myself to become a Data Scientist. That’s why I pursued an MSc in Computer Science. And that’s why I want to share all these with you.

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